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August 20, 2019 Comments (0) camping, canoeing

Boundary Waters Passage

In the summer of 2019, I took an epic adventure to the BWCA and wrote a series of stories about it.

Adventure Unfolds In this prologue to the series, see the preview video and an interactive hand-drawn map of our journey. See it HERE.

Part 1: Epic Journey We set out for adventure in the million-acre wilderness, and I baptized my son into the life of a voyageur. Keep Reading

Part 2: Stormy Trek After a day of paddling, and just as we were cooking dinner over the fire, thunder rolled in. But when the storm cleared, the fish were biting! Keep Reading

Part 3: Long Portage A 660-rod portage tested the mettle of the group, but it turned out to be the crucible that forged the trip. Keep Reading

Part 4: Risky Decision We set up at a buggy campsite, waited out a rainstorm, and then made a foolhardy dash that resulted in an injured pup. Keep Reading

Part 5: Father and Son What legacy have I left my son? Someday, after I’m gone, he’ll paddle these lakes and decide that for himself. Keep Reading

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