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Turning a Bass Master into a Fly Fishing Ninja

My dear childhood friend, Amy Randall Hazel, taught my youngest to fly fish last week, and she’s written about it on her weekly fishing report:

The weather forecast for yesterday was even worse than the day before, and I had a guide trip on the Deschutes with a long-time family friend from Minnesota and his 12 year-old nephew who had never made a fly cast in his life, but who is a die-hard Minnesota fishing kid just like his uncle and I were in our youth. Andrew Jones and I go way back – our parents have been friends since the early 70s and we spent a lot of vacations together, summers back and forth from one family lake cabin to the other (our northern Minnesota cabins are only 20 minutes apart on different lakes). Andrew and I were the fishing kids – out chasing bass and northerns while the rest of the kids swam or waterskied. We both grew up and married Oregonians and we now both reside in beautiful central Oregon. I made fishing my livelihood, while Andrew became a surgeon. Aidan, the son and spitting image of Andrew’s older brother Tony (who was also the Minister who married John and I on the Deschutes River) was visiting his uncle and having adventures all around central Oregon. Aidan was cut from the same cloth as Andrew and I – which I found out as we drove down the access road to the boat launch. Aidan told me about the monster bass he caught on Eagle Lake (the Minnesota lake where the Jones family cabin is located) and how he likes to fish for 18 hours a day, only stopping when it gets too dark to see. Andrew and I shot knowing glances at each other – yep, Minnesota fishing kid, born with it, just like us.

Read the rest HERE. (See the report for Saturday, June 10, 2017.)

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  1. Charles Hively says:

    Love it, I live in Central Oregon. I’d treat you to a brew of some kind next time you venture to the area!

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